Friday, 23 June 2017

Literacy reflection


This week in writing we have been writing descriptions about a family member. I chose to write about my little sister. My WALT was to use interesting words. Here is my writing. What do you think?

My little one year old sister means a lot to me.   I couldn’t imagine life without her.  Her name is Izsymay.

Her face has chubby cheeks,  and light tanned skin.   She has blonde hair which is worn up in a top knot. Her eyes are light blue with long black eyebrows and she has black eyebrows.

WHen she sees me she has  a big beaming smile and she tries to run away because she knows i will chase her.    WHen i make her laugh,   its sounds like a possum chuckling.

SHe likes wearing clothing clothes that have kittens on them.    SHe loves dancing and watching Camp  Kiwiwaka.

SHe is very very cheeky,  she can even take  selfies,  so dont leave your phone around.   She is bossy and will grab and move you to where she wants to be and demands a book.  But really she is just really cute.

-she loves toys especially her horsey the horsey makes a lott of noizz like  nanana and its tail wiggles.  that toy is soso
Annoying  i evin took the batteries out .  my little sister has so many  toys  her toy box is not even big enough to hold all them .
Her favorite shoes are her nike and her adidas.

I love my little sister.❤ ❤


  1. Hi Kash It's Levi C here I like your telling me about your writing comment I think its awesome. maybe next time you could work on some more capital letters.

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  3. Hey Kash, I'm Jonathan from St Pats
    I Like your talk about your sister, you obviously love her very much and I like how you explained her in great words.
    Maybe next time revise and edit.


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