Friday, 7 April 2017

Top team 2017

Last Tuesday we had top team games. Top team games is about fun and team work . In total there were 13 games , my favorite games was the holes in a pipe. How the game works  is a big pipe and there are 15 holes in the pipe and some off your teammates have to block the holes in the pipe.   There is a ping pong boll in the pipe and it is a race to get the ball to the top


Numeracy T1 W10

This Week for Numeracy I recorded A video about My numeracy that  I was working on.

The Eruption 40 BC

Title : The Eruption.
Author : Alan Bagnall.  
Illustrator : Alan Bagnall. 
Rating :  I rate this book  4/10 because it is really interesting but short.  
Genre : Fiction, Mystery,.
Journal : Level 2 October 2013.

This book is about a Family that just woke up and there was a digger in the back yard and the digger made a big hole in the ground. The kids got a big fright from the digger making a big bang. I liked this book as it was fun to read.  iI would recommend it for 8-10 year olds. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

40BC Reflection T1W9

Title: Tricking the tiger 
Author: Beverley Randell
Illustrates: Yen lau
It is about 2 foxes called Mr and Mrs Fox with their 3 cubs. The foxes hunted for food then they ate it.  What they didn't eat they took home to their cubs for them to eat. One night a tiger walked out in front of them. They tricked the tiger because he said he would eat the foxes. Luckily they tricked him and so they got home.
Image result for Tricking the Tiger

Numeracy Reflection Term 1 Week 9

This week for numeracy I  had to choose a number. My number was 102 in the 1st box 100+2=102.
In the 2 boxes I put 100 and 2 dollars which makes 102 and in the 3rd box I put a square with 100 squares inside and 2 more ones squares. We were learning about place value. I found this easy to do.

T1 W9 Refection

WALT: Find information and write in my own words.
This week for literacy I made a fact file about water spiders to go with my recycled creature art for the Grey Main Family Fiesta evening. Water spiders can live for up to 11 years underwater. I like this creature because they can go underwater and on land. The water spider makes a little bubble on the top of the water. Here is my fact file.

Friday, 17 March 2017

T1 W7 numeracy reflection

 This week for Numeracy  I had to choose a number. My number is 102.  In the 1st box I had to write 100 + 2 =102. Then in the 2nd box.  I had to put a 100 dollar note and then 2  dollar coins. This activity was fun and easy to do.  I need to work on my times tables now.