Friday, 7 April 2017

Top team 2017

Last Tuesday we had top team games. Top team games is about fun and team work . In total there were 13 games , my favorite games was the holes in a pipe. How the game works  is a big pipe and there are 15 holes in the pipe and some off your teammates have to block the holes in the pipe.   There is a ping pong boll in the pipe and it is a race to get the ball to the top



  1. Hi Kash, what a great detailed blog post you have written. The games were definitely fun and did require alot of teamwork. The ping pong game was great to watch and some teams found it very difficult. Maybe next time you could tell us what game challenged you the most. Mrs P

  2. Hi kash It's Levi here I like how your telling me all about your telling me all about your top team comment maybe next time you could work on some more full stops.


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